The Big Day!

The big day finally arrived! Now it’s time to tell the twin’s birth story through the camera! It was a long and exhausting day, but it was an awesome and memorable experience! Mom and Dad couldn’t be any prouder, and neither could all of the family members who shared the experience with us! Here we go…

Melissa was one excited Mama May 9!





An eager, but nervous, future Mom and Dad!02


Future Grandma (Nana) patiently waiting…









Future Grandpa (Papa) waiting patiently…






Future Great Grandparents patiently waiting…

05The Adopta-Grandparents Mimi Kay & Uncle Buck patiently waiting…












After 2 epidural’s, Mama is finally feeling good…it’s about go time!



The future Mom & Dad finally got the green light! It’s showtime!


Mama waving adios and we’re off to the delivery room!










Dad, Mom & Nana getting prepped to meet the twins!












At 5:13pm, we welcomed into this crazy World Carter Matthew! He was 6lb 3oz and 20 inches longer when he finally made his arrival!

And 3 minutes later, at 5:16pm, Cayden Michael made his entry into this World! He decided to turn breach after his Brother came out, so Daddy definitely has some interesting stories! Cayden weighed 5lb 15oz and was 20 inches long!









Hello Mom & Dad! – Carter



I’m not quite sure yet what’s going on all around me, but hello everyone! – Cayden








The boys finally get to meet their Mom after making her grow more and more uncomfortable the past 37 weeks! Carter got first dibs since he was baby A, but Cayden got his snuggle time in to!


Daddy gets to meet the boys for the first time! It was an awesome experience, great story, and I’m looking forward to watching them grow!














The man that delivered the 2 of you decided he wanted a picture. Thanks Doctor Kallenberger!

Grandma’s and Grandpa holding the boys on the date of arrival!













The boys finally get a chance to take their first nap and relax from the crazy day!2223

One thought on “The Big Day!

  1. Kym

    O.M.G. !!!! Looking thru these pictures, I have always known this was a small world – but I had no idea Helen is Melissa’s grandma, or is she yours Matt???? Helen is married to Orville who is Cliff’s ex father-in-law!!!!! Can you dig that! Everytime we have a get together for Cliff’s son’s, grandpa Orville and Helen are always invited, and vice versa!!!! We were just there (at their house) last summer when Cliff’s son from Ohio came to visit. Helen is a wonderful lady, takes very good care of Orville thru this trying time, and she is a FABULOUS cook!!!


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