The Twin’s Room

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a big event for the twins, but it felt like a Groundhog’s Day as it was a tedious time repainting, taping, striping, and touching up the boy’s room! It was big enough in Melissa and I’s eyes that it felt like a big enough event to justify a page! Here it goes. Thanks for all of the help for those who lent a hand! Since the word Grandma offends Melissa and I’s Moms, we just stuck with “G” for now!

 ”G” Mann helped us with repainting the entire room and begin the stripe taping…

Picture 264Melissa and I prepping the room for striping…

Picture 248

Picture 262

We finally finished taping the room and painting a sealant layer (texture and tape don’t make for fun touch-up)…

Picture 267Me painting on the stripes…Picture 269Uncle Jason & Aunt Kristen helping get the striping tape pulled off…
Picture 273The stripes are finally finished! The touch-ups were tedious…Picture 272
And now onto the cribs…”G” Hicks, Melissa and I put these together (just an FYI…don’t let the women read the instructions when you’ve had little sleep…something might get put together wrong…take that for what it’s worth :-) )…

Picture 284Picture 282

The cribs are fully assembled! Paisley might have an idea that her attention might be decreased in the near future… Picture 287Melissa and I repainted an old armoire for the Twin’s room, and we bought an old used changing table to repaint and modernize…Picture 290All of the hard work is finally complete…with exception to a few minor tweaks and some vinyl stickers going on the wall soon, the room is ready for the Twin’s arrival in May!babyroomOne of the more recent additions to the boys room…more pictures will follow as we keep adding to it and fixing it up!



One thought on “The Twin’s Room

  1. Cindy Casey

    Isn’t it so exciting! I bet you both are on top of the world. Twins are not much more work than one. Just do what you did the first time again. And just more to love! Enjoy and great job on the room.


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