Monthly Archives: January 2013

22 week update

Well…I was finally able to feel the boys kicking around in their mama’s belly last night, which might I add was pretty cool! Melissa said she’s been feeling them for a while but I never could! Ironically, the first time I could feel them also happened to be the start of the 22nd week!

This week will be an exciting one as we finally get to find out what we’re having (oops…already know! :-) )! There will be many updates coming soon enough so stay tuned! For now I will think of them as little ninjas with all the head butting and kicking I’ve seen them do!


Week 20 update!

We finally went back to see the doctor today…by far the longest delay between doc visits to date. It was a little bit of a letdown not to see the boys on the ultrasound, but we were able to hear their hearts beating and get confirmation that everything is looking good and going well.

All is going well with the pregnancy…Ms. I’ve Had No Symptoms (Melissa) came down with a cold, and she has been fighting with that for a couple of days. Although we already know the twins are going to be boys, we have the “official” reveal ultrasound in 2 weeks. 

More pictures and video will be coming soon enough!