Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Big Day Is Approaching!


Time is ticking down quickly on the arrival of our twins! We’re getting excited, yet nervous, on the idea of becoming parents. The date to the right is the official due date, but we’ve been told expectations should be the second week of May (at the latest…if they don’t come before hand). We’re definitely looking forward to it! We had a great “Maternity Picture” session with Kris Ellen Smith photography (…eventually we’ll get some more up! Thanks for continuing to follow the blog as we try to keep everyone updated on the arrival!

34 week update

34 weeks yesterday and counting! The boys were estimated at 5 1/2 pounds each last Wednesday, and we’re probably going to find out an induction date tomorrow or Thursday! Time is ticking…we’ll be updating a lot in the next few days now that I’ve wrapped up with tax time!