See How We’ve Grown (33 weeks update)

We finally got pregnant!

As you can tell, we didn’t believe it the first, second, third or fourth time LOL! The fifth one led us to get the blood work done to confirm it, but the first one on the 13th was definitely an exciting day for the future Mom & Dad!

Pregnancy excitement!




We were at 6 weeks in this picture…just tiny little beans! We don’t look like much here, but we have been starting to develop our features!



7 WeEkS!


We are at 7 weeks in this picture! We’re starting to grow little paddles that will eventually turn into our hands and feet! We haven’t met Mom and Dad’s (and our future) doggies yet, but we would think they’d be jealous at this stage since we also have tails!! We’ve grown to the size of a blueberry in a week!


 9 WeEkS!







We are 9 weeks now! As you can see it has only been 2 weeks and we continue to grow rapidly! Amazing things are happening to us inside our mama’s belly! The bad part, though, is we lost our tails and now the dogs can’t be jealous :-(. The bright side is we have 4 chambers in our little hearts now, eyes have developed, and we have little areas that will soon be our ears and noses! We have also grown to the size of small grapes!

                                                10 WeEkS!


They keep on harassing us with the ultrasound machine, but they’re just checking to make sure we’re growing like we should be! 10 weeks in and counting down the days until we make it out of the first trimester! We’re done developing our vital organs, and even have little nails starting to develop on our tiny fingers and toes! We are now the size of a large grape!

12 WeEkS!


We made it through the first trimester and now Mom and Dad are relieved! Many cool things are happening like our nervous system is developing, and we now have reflexes! We’ve grown to the size of limes in just 12 weeks!

16 WeEkS (6 days)!

Well, the day has finally arrived for everybody to learn what sex we are going to be (even if it was by chance)!

16w6da1Mom and Dad met an awesome ultrasound technician named Jamie last Tuesday when Mom had to have her gall bladder scanned (we have been putting some undue stress on it…sorry MOM!)…Jamie was able to determine what sex each of us is (pretty cool having a woman looking at your peepee at such a young age :-)) would be during this ultrasound and put it inside of an envelope for Mom and Dad to have a big reveal party for us!

She was so kind that she invited16w6db1 Mom and Dad back for an “off-the-record” ultrasound last Friday so she could snap some pics of us!

It’s kind of embarrassing to have your picture taken in the buff at such a young age, but honestly…we had no choice…we have to use our surroundings for cover whenever we can! I’m going to be considered the flasher (Baby A), I guess, since that’s what Jamie said…both times she saw us I was more than willing to show the full monty! I’m going to be the shy one (Baby B) if what Jamie said is true, and Mama even had to spank my little butt (by the way that kind of HURT!!) to get me to roll over for the camera! If you haven’t figured it out yet…Mom and Dad found out we were going to be BOYS today!!

Talk about embarrassing x 2…we even got caught sucking our thumbs by the camera! I sure hope Mom and Dad don’t show this to our girlfriends one day!!! Oh, and just for fun…we are now the size of avocados and growing like crazy!

 16w6da2  16w6db2

22 WeEkS (4 days)!

My how we’ve grown since the last time anyone saw us! We now each weigh over a pound and are only going to keep getting bigger! Mom and Dad tell people we’re the size of spaghetti squashes now, which means we’re almost the size of a junior football! We can hear people talking about us constantly, although we have no idea what any of it means yet. We can also distinguish our Mom’s voice now as we hear it all of the time! She sounds like she’s going to be a good Mama! These things that have grown on our fingers make it a lot easier to scratch our backs when an itch occurs. We’re getting closer to entering the World!

Baby A profile pic




Baby A holding up the #1








Baby B profile pic







Baby “B”ig foot








We just found out that Dad has put us on something called You Tube! Mom and Dad said I (Baby A) am pretty good at scratching my ears and monkeying around from all of the ultrasound videos they have seen! They say I (Baby B) can throw a mean right hook and enjoy hanging out in Mama’s ribs…I guess Dad shouldn’t have watched some movie called “Rocky” so many times…the training montage gave me some ideas in here to get in shape early on! Check us out below!

25 WeEkS (4 days)!

We’ve gotten pretty big now! Stuff started growing on the top of our heads but no one can see it yet! Pretty awesome! We are also starting to learn how to breath, albeit slowly, as our lungs are beginning to develop! Mom, Dad, Grandpa, both Grandma’s, Great Grandma and Uncle Micah got to see us today in something called a 3D Ultrasound! Everyone but Mom and Dad were amazed at how far technology has come! Check us out below…our day is approaching quickly!

Baby “A”

Baby A 25wk 3

Baby A 25wk 2

Baby A 25wk 1


Baby “B”

Baby B 25wk 1Baby B 25wk 3


Baby B 25wk 2


29 WeEkS (4 days)!

More pictures of us! We’re growing right along…we’ll be here before you all know it wrecking havoc and taking after our father!! He’s been kind of busy from what we can understand of his and Mom’s conversations, but at least he’s finally putting some more pictures up of us!!

29 weeks b foot29 weeks b fingers29w b face29w a 129w a face








































33 WeEkS (4 days)!

33 weeks and counting! The pictures are getting harder and harder to get from the ultrasounds, but Mom and Dad figured they wanted to share some more of our growth with everyone. We don’t really like the light so we try to hide every time the ultrasound lady decides to shine it on us! My foot has grown a lot and I like to kick mama with it all of the time, while brother tends to stick his butt straight up into the air! Brother also likes to flex his muscles around as you can see! We’ll be seeing all of these crazy people with the voices soon enough when we find the light!









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  1. Rachael Mir

    What a sweet site you have made Matt! The pics are beautiful. I cannot wait to come out there in May! I think they have Mel’s nose!! :)


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