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The Date of Arrival is Coming!

Well we just found out that Thursday @ 7:30am is the date the doc has set for Melissa to go in and begin the labor process! We are excited and looking forward to introducing the unnamed boys to the World! Thanks to everyone who has shared thoughts, gifts, and blog followings!

Patience is wearing thin :-)

Well…my patience wears thin when I have my pregnant wife moaning about all of the regular pregnancy symptoms…but you know…she is carrying the kiddos and not me…so I don’t have too much to complain about! I decided to do some research earlier morning and found many different foods to make that can help speed up the process to get the whole labor routine started..IMG_9094.eggplant Parmesan  spicy chicken, Gorgonzola salad, and pineapple mango smoothies! Yup…don’t be jealous…I shipped my pregnant wife off to buy the groceries while I worked, then I came home and made some dinner! We’ll see if any of these old wive’s tails get this party started here in the next few days…

The Big Day Is Approaching!


Time is ticking down quickly on the arrival of our twins! We’re getting excited, yet nervous, on the idea of becoming parents. The date to the right is the official due date, but we’ve been told expectations should be the second week of May (at the latest…if they don’t come before hand). We’re definitely looking forward to it! We had a great “Maternity Picture” session with Kris Ellen Smith photography (…eventually we’ll get some more up! Thanks for continuing to follow the blog as we try to keep everyone updated on the arrival!

34 week update

34 weeks yesterday and counting! The boys were estimated at 5 1/2 pounds each last Wednesday, and we’re probably going to find out an induction date tomorrow or Thursday! Time is ticking…we’ll be updating a lot in the next few days now that I’ve wrapped up with tax time!

The guard dog!

I just thought this was funny…I think Paisley is waiting patiently for her little brothers to pop out! She tends to find herself in guarding or curious situations over her mama’s belly, or in the twin’s future bedroom…and people wonder how she’s gonna act when they finally get here! That’s all!


27 week update!

Well, much has happened since the last time I updated the blog! We’ve had an ultrasound, a 3D ultrasound, finished the twin’s room, and hit the 3rd trimester! That only means these little ninjas will be popping out sooner than later. Babysitters prepare…that’s right when softball season starts up! Enjoy your day! :)

22 week update

Well…I was finally able to feel the boys kicking around in their mama’s belly last night, which might I add was pretty cool! Melissa said she’s been feeling them for a while but I never could! Ironically, the first time I could feel them also happened to be the start of the 22nd week!

This week will be an exciting one as we finally get to find out what we’re having (oops…already know! :-) )! There will be many updates coming soon enough so stay tuned! For now I will think of them as little ninjas with all the head butting and kicking I’ve seen them do!


Week 20 update!

We finally went back to see the doctor today…by far the longest delay between doc visits to date. It was a little bit of a letdown not to see the boys on the ultrasound, but we were able to hear their hearts beating and get confirmation that everything is looking good and going well.

All is going well with the pregnancy…Ms. I’ve Had No Symptoms (Melissa) came down with a cold, and she has been fighting with that for a couple of days. Although we already know the twins are going to be boys, we have the “official” reveal ultrasound in 2 weeks. 

More pictures and video will be coming soon enough!

They’re BOYS!

Well we finally found out on December 16, 2012, what we are having as 20 of our family members joined us in the big reveal! The reveal event went great and everyone was as surprised as we were in learning the big news!

IMG_1505I’m starting to think boys just run in the gene pool, and as much as their mama wanted a girl, she’ll be just happy raising a couple of boys! Maybe she’ll get a shot at a girl in the future, but for now, we’re as excited as can be!